Maki Special

Maki Special
Maki Special
Maki Special
Maki Special
Maki Special
Maki Special
Maki Special

(MS1) Lobster Roll           24

Avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, asparagus, lobster tempura

(MS2) Dynamite Roll           15

Avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, shrimp tempura

(MS3) Dave Roll           17

Shredded crunch sweet potatoes on Crunch roll

(MS4) Green Dragon Roll           17

Avocado on Dynamite roll

(MS5) Veggie Dragon Roll           17

Avocado on Avocado, Cucumber, Asparagus, Yam Tempura Roll

(MS6) Orange Dragon Roll           18

Salmon on Dynamite roll

(MS7) Red Dragon Roll           20

Tuna on Dynamite roll

(MS8) Saltu Dragon Roll           19

Salmon & tuna on Dynamite roll

(MS9) White Dragon Roll           19

Seared butterfish on Dynamite roll

(MS10) Black Dragon Roll           20

BBQ eel & Avocado on Dynamite roll

(MS11) Rainbow Dragon Roll           20

Assorted sashimi on Dynamite roll

(MS12) Spicy Dynamite Roll           16

(MS13) Double Dynamite Roll           19

Shrimp tempura on Dynamite roll

(MS14) Crunch Roll           16

Dynamite roll covered with crispy tempura bits made of beets

(MS15) Tempura California Roll           16

Deep-fried California roll

(MS16) Tempura Spicy Roll           16

Deep-fried spicy salmon and spicy tuna roll

(MS17) Cream Deep Roll           16

Deep-fried avocado, crabmeat, cream cheese

(MS18) Spider Roll           24

Avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, deep-fried soft shell crab

(MS19) Rock & Roll           17

Spicy salmon on Dynamite roll

(MS20) Chicken Tempura Roll           17

Avocado, cucumber, deep-fried chicken breast

(MS21) Diablo Roll           18

Deep-fried avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, assorted sashimi

(MS22) 911 Roll           16

Avocado, cucumber, jalapeno, spicy salmon

(MS23) Sunshine Roll           16

Avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, spicy salmon

(MS24) Rainbow Roll           18

Assorted sashimi & avocado on California roll

(MS25) Salmon Lover’s Roll           18

Salmon on spicy salmon & avocado cucumber roll

(MS26) Philadelphia Roll         16

Smoked salmon on California roll with cream cheese

(MS27) Nobleton Roll         17

California roll topped with spicy salmon & shredded crunch sweet potatoes

(MS28) Tuna Lover’s Roll         20

Tuna on spicy tuna & avocado cucumber roll

(MS29) Kleinburg Roll           18

California roll topped with spicy tuna & shredded crunch beets

(MS30) Boston Roll           17

Avocado, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Salmon, Asparagus

(MS31) King Roll           19

Avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, salmon, shrimp tempura

(MS32) Crazy Shrimp Roll           20

Marinated shrimp on the avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, & shrimp tempura