(AP1) Edamame          7

Steamed soybeans

(AP2) Spring Roll          7

5 Mixed Veggies in a crispy wrapper

(AP3) Sushi Pizza         15

Crabmeat, spicy salmon & avocado.

(AP4) Crab Katsu         12

Deep-fried breaded crab stick

(AP5) Sweet Chili Chicken      18

Deep-fried chicken with sweet chili sauce

(AP6) Kalbi      25

Korean grilled short ribs

(AP7) Lisa's Bomb      15

Deep-fried jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese only

(AP8) Jalapeno Bomb      15

Deep-fried jalapeno stuffed with spicy salmon only or spicy salmon & cream cheese

(AP9) Gyoza (Beef, Veggie, Pork)      9

6 deep-fried dumplings

(AP10) Veggie Tempura (7pcs)      13

(AP11) Shrimp Tempura (6pcs)      16

(AP12) Mixed Tempura      19

Shrimp (4pcs) & vegetables (5pcs) tempura

(AP13) Salmon Tower          16

Crabmeat, avocado & diced salmon with Ponzu sauce

(AP14) Tuna Tower          18

(AP15) Salmon Tataki          17

Seared Salmon with Ponzu sauce

(AP16) Tuna Tataki          19

Seared tuna with Ponzu sauce